Jessica Bartolini is that kind of person who prefers doing rather than speaking.

She has a versatile background in the visual communication field, with a bachelor in Industrial and Communication Design (I.s.i.a in Florence) and a MA in Art Direction for Advertising. Thanks to this, she developed traversal competences in the visual communication fields, that allow her to live the whole communication side of any projects, and to have a multidirectional approach that is not only focusing on one single detail, but a plurality of aspects. This is the added value that makes Jessica a great asset as a professional.

Jessica has a unique way to see the world and her approach is about learning something new every day, always looking for the best results, when working on something. From a photo, to a graphic design or art direction – she always find the right way to share it with people.

Music is a crucial aspect that influences Jessica, both on personal and professional levels.  Music is the only thing that makes you feel home, in every part of the world. For this reason, she started to take photos for the music live events, collaborating with Rockit, Rocklab, Shiver webzine, Youthless and Love&Sound and her photos have been included also in the booklet “Niente di serio (2012)” by Diaframma.

(The photographed bands include: The Tallest Man on Earth, Pixies, Patti Smith, Death Cab For Cutie, Notwist, Bat For Lashes, Band Of Horse,The Drums, Beach House, Blonde Redhead, Matt Elliott, Melvins, Nada, TARM, Marta sui Tubi, Il Pan del Diavolo, Morgan, Afterhours, Ministri, Sikitikis, LN Ripley, Subsonica, Massimo Volume, Paolo Benvegnù, Dente, Vinicio Capossella, Nobraino, Diaframma, Verdena, A toys Orchestra, Banjo Or Freakout, Beatrice Antolini and many more)

“I know when something is right, good and ready to use, because I feel a particular sensation like the explosion of the music in your head when you’re listening it with your headphones.”

The Approach

Jessica has spent a lot of time in understanding how to find a personal way to communicate with the world around her, because she felt unable to use the right words. She started to look around her, discovering that images were the right communication channel for her. She further developed a proper process in what she does. First of all, it’s important to research in order to know the subject to further develop. Then, the experimental phase – the meeting of shapes and colours to make the project done in the best way possible.  This approach is all about reaching the successful conclusion of every challenge, artistic expressions and professional work.

Photography & Photo Retouching
Art Direction
Graphic Design

2011 – Inbook, D&AD Award

2010 – 1° Trofeo La Vela d’Oro dell’Arte, Artexpò Promotion
2010 – 1° Premio Firme dell’Arte Contemporanea, Artexpò Promotion

2016 –
100 Under a Hundred, Paper Gallery (Bristol, Uk)

2015100 Under a Hundred, Paper Gallery (Bristol, Uk)

20142nd May, The Morphology of The Feelings, Le Mura (Ro)

20131st November LIVE PAINTING, Agorà, Cusano Milanino (Mi)
2013A Night Like This Festival – LIVE PAINTING, Chiaverano, (To)
2013ReggaeRock Festival, Bussero, (Mi)
2013 – Incontri, Mono Bar, Milan
2013 – Le Case del Futuro, Alzaia 34, Milan
2013 – Silver Nightmares, Arterìa, Bologna
2013 – Red Soul, Drain, Milan

2012 – Blackground, San Vittore Cocktail, Milan
2012 – Who Art You, Design Library, Milan
2012 – Expression(s), B-Free, Milan
2012 – To have the blue eyes, Malcesine
2012 – Expression(s), Glue, Florence
2012 – Informe, Raval Galler; Rome
2012 – Be the color inside, Cost, Milan

2010 – Fome di donna, Alpheus, Rome.
2010 – Trofeo la vela d’oro dell’arte, Artexpò Promotion
2010 – I 7 Peccati Capitali, Circolo degli Artisti, Rome
2010 – Mini personali in Romagna, Artexpò Promotion
2010 – Vernice Art Fair, Forlì, Artexpò Promotion
2010 – Scintille d’Arte a Portovenere, Artexpò Promotion

2009 – Pioggia di colori, Galleria Il Borgo, Milan

2013Photo report for Shiver webzine of The Tallest Man on Earth (web)
2013Live & Photo report for Shiver webzine of Pixies (web)
2013 – Illustration for Le Mura (The program of October) – Live Music Bar – Rome (print)
2013 Rough On line Magazine, Les Fleurs Des Maladives (web)
2013A Night Like This Festival, live painting
2013SportWeek, photo of Francesco Tricarico
2013La Stampa, photo of Francesco Tricarico
2013Gossip Libero, photos of Francesco Tricarico (web)
2013 Nostalgia, photos of Francesco Tricarico (web)
2013 Max Gazzetta, photos of Francesco Tricarico (web)
2013Il Mattino, photo of Francesco Tricarico

2011Inbook, D&AD Award

2010Carpaccio Magazine, Spain n.014
2010Poesia Onirica, Estro-verso
2010Platform58 mag., n.014, p. 50

Platform58 mag, n.013, p. 50
2009Carpe Diem photobook, Estro-verso, p.77

Agora Magazine
Marte Magazine
Artexpò Gallery


Life4ever webzine, Brave Models, D’Management Group, Yveis Saint Laurent – Itay, BIMM Bristol, Trinity Centre, Misfits Theatre Company, Subaru, Melinda, ViaMilano Parking, Poletti Factory Loft, Del Verde, Astarte Agency, Les Fleurs Des Maladives, Sfera Cubica, Intouch

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