Illustration’s Projects

Pollege Festival

Music Festival on the beach

This project was a poster for the music festival called Pollege in Italy.
The music and the beach are two important things to keep on the drawing so I mixed them with the yellow background which is perfect for trasmitting that atmosphere.

Red soul's Poster

Red Soul

Solo Exhibitions

This project was a poster for my personal exhibitions at the Drain in Milan.
The concept of that was the fusion between animals and humans in one person kept the red background.

Malleus Rock Art Lab

Malleus Rock Art Lab

Creation new poster.

This project wanted to create a different poster for Malleus Rock Art Lab, Italian three headed collective spreading its tentacles through all kind of visual art, from illustration to videos, passing through hand made silkscreen printing.

Le Case del Futuro - Italy

Le Case Del Futuro

Creation a promotional poster for their gig.

Le Case del Futuro are an italian band who plays shoegaze/pop sound so when you are listening their music you think to be inside of a storm and just need to follow that direction.

Le Mura Flyer

Le Mura - Live Music Bar

Creation a flyer for their music program.

The creation of this flyer wanted to communicate the happyness to listen new music at Le Mura, live music bar in Rome.
You can choose if you stay in relax, read a book or just listen live music in this venue so the atmosphere is amazing and calm that you can enjoy yourself there.

Blackground's Serie


Creation blackground serie for a personal exhibition.

Poster for a personal exhibition in Milan.

Personal Projects

Personal Projects

Portraits and Expressions

Series for a personal exhibition in Florence.

Busta Magazine

Busta Magazine

Cover Magazine

Novel is full of characters, they are an invention of the writer so this process could be similar to a chemical experiment.

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